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Anadrone Systems is one of India's largest target drone manufacturers and suppliers, having delivered over 700 targets to Indian defence forces and weapon developers. The company was incorporated in 2004 with manufacturing and research facilities spread across Mumbai, Delhi and Orissa.

The firm is the largest service providers for the Indian Armed Forces having successfully completed over 50 firing exercises with more than 250 individual missions. The company is proud on its massive technological know-how from years of experience in sales and service support. This know-how has made it proficient in providing customized solutions and payloads as per requirements.

To comply with Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives, Anadrone Systems is in the process to diversify its product portfolio by introducing indigenously developed low sub-sonic, high sub-sonic and super-sonic aerial targets for the Indian defence forces. For the effective dispensation of the vision, the company has invested in research and development facilities in coordination with eminent advisors across the country.

Our vision

To provide state-of-the-art, turnkey solutions to the global defence sector in form of testing appurtenances for NexGen munition systems.

Sovereign capability

Indigenous development of sub-sonic and supersonic aerial targets to comply with “Make in India” initiative through extensive research and development.


Global competitor in the field of High-speed Expendable Aerial Targets [HEAT] and Manoeuvrable Expendable Aerial Target [MEAT] through in-house development of technical capabilities and production capacity.

"Providing proven and realistic threat replication on the sea and in the air for the test and evaluation of all self-defence weapon systems"

Our Plans



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